About Our Photo Studio


Our photo studio is the only studio in the desert that truly specializes in the senior portrait experience.  Sure, a lot of others take senior pictures, but at Stacy Jacob Photography we provide something different altogether.  From the moment of booking you'll see there's something special in store for you.  



If Julia decided to pursue a career in something other than what she's currently going to school for, she would follow her heart and be a Free People model, I think.  She has a gypsy spirit and a beatiful heart and is a huge asset to the Stacy Jacob Photography team.  I met Julia when she was a junior in high school.  She had come into the studio with her friend Sim, another employee, for one of her photo sessions.  I immediatley adored Julia and loved having her on set.  She had just jumped in and was so helpful, always full of great ideas and all around fun to be with.  Later, Julia became one of my Class of 2016 Senior Models.  I had the opportunity to work with Julia many times, and each time her professional approach to the job at hand was balanced with a sense of adventure and excitement for anything she was doing.  Upon graduation Julia decided to stay in the Palm Springs area and pursue her degree in Animal Medicine to be a vet tech.  Lucky me!  I am so happy I hired Julia to join our studio as my assistant. Check out Julia's Model Reel Slideshow to see images from both her model team sessions and her senior session.  


Sim has worked for the studio for more than two years, and is one of the best things that ever happened to me as a studio owner.  I "found" Sim when she came into the studio to volunteer with her mom for my non-profit, Turning Heads.  Her mom volunteers for the non-profit to do our public relations and promotion.  Sim's mom, Ellen, had mentioned her daughter had a love of photography and would love to come to help one day.  Sim volunteered only once or twice before I decided to hire her to be my studio assistant.  She was a junior in High School at the time.  Continuing to work through her Senior year she also joined the Class of 2016 Senior Model team.  No matter what we do when working together Sim brings her great attitude and creative ideas.  A singer, a photographer, a smart-as-a-whip honors student and one of the kindest young women I know, Sim is hopefully always going to be a part of Stacy Jacob Photography.  Now that she's away at college she'll be part time on the weekends, as many weekends as I can get her anwyay.  Check out some of Sim's photos in her Featured Session Gallery.